Central Advisory Group

CAG - Central Advisory Group branding by FOX DESIGN, Sydney

Central Advisory Group provides professional services to small, medium and large private businesses and their owners. They offer their clients in various industries affordable customized services which include bookkeeping and accounting, business and financial advisory, tax planning and advice, and superannuation establishment and administration.

Story of the logo first: with an insight on both the traditional and the developing sides, we employed a classic shape and color, that comes from the Eastern stamps and has been taken as a symbol of seriouseness, justice, authority and wealth. We refined these elements into simplified lines and faces with contemporary visual expression method. It's easy to produce and compatible with varying marketing requirements and application conditions.

The coming stationery, marketing colletarals, office environment and website design and development very well present the client's value.

FOX DESIGN is proud of continuing to provide brand maintenance and development for our client: Central Advisory Group.

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