Colour, Aroma and Taste.

Brisbane Phoenix Chinese Restaurant

Brisbane Phoenix-Chinese Restaurant website design by FOX DESIGN

Phoenix Restaurants is a Chinese restaurant group that has been operating in Australia for 20 years since 1999. Phoenix Restaurants are specialising in yumcha, seafood cuisine, organising functions and weddings. There are 4 large format restaurants in New South Wales that can accomodate thousands of customers at one time.

Phoenix Group decided to enter Brisbane market in 2019 and Brisbane Phoenix is the start of our cross-state operation. Phoenix team will combine its 20 years of superb skills and experience, as well as high-quality service to bring you a feast of delicious food with perfect colour, aroma and taste.

The contemporary hospitality industry focus on leisure, rather than more basic needs. The nature of it is about taste, culture and atmosphere.

We used the cultural Phoenix color combination and logos, in conjunction with the idea of branding new appearance to design and develop the website for the Brisbane Phoenix Chinese Restaurant with a welcoming, elegant and fresh new look, while keep the consistent with Phoenix restaurant society.

We designed Brand Presentation for Phoenix Restaurant Group, in video and slides style as well.