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Magic Elbow Practices

re-Brand design, logo re-design, and continuing promotional advertising services for Magic Elbow practices by FOX DESIGN

Magic Elbow is a north Sydney based chiropractic care, traditional Chinese acupuncture and rehabilitation programs practices in Warriewood Square and Pittwater Place Mona Vale. FOX DESIGN has been providing creative promotional advertising services for the client since 2009.

In early 2019, the principal practitioner and founder Dr. Dong from Magic Elbow practices asked for the branding upgrade of the practices. First of all, the logo: creatively evolved from the old logo, golden quality service, the combination of western and eastern therapy, personalized health care. Other brand upgrade is devloped including the website: and some other is on the way.

 logo re-design,  for Magic Elbow practices by FOX DESIGN  Chiropractic clinic appointment cards design by FOX-DESIGN creative Creative Chiropractic clinic promotional advertising by FOX DESIGN  Creative Chiropractic clinic promotion design by FOX DESIGN  Magic-Elbow-practices-branding_enjoy-life Magic-Elbow-practices-branding_acupuncture Magic-Elbow-practices-branding_remedial-Massage